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Mysunshine cake is a home base online business, located at seksyen 8 Petaling Jaya. Near PJ Hilton Hotel.

I do not deliver or post any of my cake/cupcakes. Customer need to pick up from my house. Details will be given once order is confirm & deposit is paid.

appreciate you write event date & details in your email in order for me to quote you the price. this is to avoid delay in reply. email :

All email will be reply from Monday - Thursday because from Friday - Sunday I'll be busy baking.

Do allow 2 weeks notice for customize cake & edible image as I need time to prepare.

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From humble beginnings … This is how My Sunshine was born. Im the Founder and owner of Mysunshine Cupcakes and Mysunshine Gift Shop. Im a mother to 3 wonderful children, and always dream to work from home so I can be close to my kids. After 15 years working in IT company, finally its time for me to let go and start wht Ive been dream to do. Work at home mum, Alhamdulillah ^_^ I always like to make/decorate nice things; from making Diaper cake to Baking cake.. I hope you enjoy our Diaper cake and also cakes. If you need something special, something a little different and something to show that person in your life how much they really mean to you, we hope you find something in our range that fits just right. salam and regards Zar


cake suitable for fondant

Butter cake (1kg 7in)

vanilla cake 1.5kg (8in)

vanilla marble 1.5kg

vanilla chocolate chip 1.5kg

vanilla rainbow (6layers) 1.5kg

chocolate moist 1kg

devil food chocolate cake 1.5kg

orange cake 1.5kg

strawberry flavor cake 1.5kg

Victorian cake

premium flavor cake

chocolate cake wt cream cheese 1.5kg

Italian Tiramisu cake, sz 7in & 9in box

Red velvet wt cream cheese -1.5kg

carrot cake wt cream cheese 1.8kg

steam fruit cake 1.8kg


50% deposit required to confirm order, or min RM50 for order less then RM100. we need 2-4 weeks notice depending on our schedule.

pls email transaction slip to as proof of payment.

bank : Maybank
act no : 164173 662845
name : zarina semuri

bank : CIMB
act no : 123 9000 1072200
name : zarina semuri


email your order details to

your event date?

collection date?

how many kg cake?

what design/deco ? email picture sample if u have

cake flavor?

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Monday, March 28, 2011

Under The Sea Fondant cake

Under The Sea figurine cake. 1.8kg Carrot walnut cake wt cheese frosting. This is the 1st time I do carrot cake wt fondant. I had some problem wt air bubble when applying the fondant... could it because I use cream cheese? got to find out more..

I did the blue marble effect on the cake to resemble the oceon..wt few ocean creatures..turtle, star fish, octopus, fish, crab & colorful corals... ^_^

this is the last cake for last Sunday (after the no.1 racing car cake & garden cupcakes) & it was send out at 2pm... originally suppose to be ready at 9am.. ha haa. wht a day. But I'm happy it's all done!.. Alhamdulillah ^_^

this order came together with Angelina Ballerina & Under The Sea cake...

Angelina Ballerina cake

Ooh wow, this cake come with another 2 more figurine cake & cupcakes ^_^ I'm soo excited abt the cakes that I dont event think if I can manage to do this order TOGETHER with other orders I already confirm earlier... but 1 thing for sure. I'm glad I take this order he he hee.. I except limited order & I need at least 1-2 confirmation. All my cakes & cupcakes are hand made by me alone.. I need time to visualise, design, prepare, molding, baking the cake, decorating, etc... take a look at the other cupcakes Timmy Time & Under The Sea cake

No.1 Racing Car fondant cake

another one fav no.1 cake ^_^ I change the design a little bit.. so it wont be the same as previous cake.

and also additional garden theme cupcakes sz medium. Bumblebee, ladybird, caterpillar & flowers

Pocoyo cake for Sofea's 1st Birthday

1kg choc moist cake. Pocoyo, Pato & Sleepy Bird.

Safari Animals 3D figurine Cake

I just love this cake.. the color, the animals & all the deco... ^_^ I've made the figurine few days earlier, together with other figurine.. I'm over booked & soo over loaded last weekend. But Alhamdulillah, manage to get everything done on time.. phew.. inside is rainbow butter cake with buttercream icing I like this safari animals... been dreaming abt this cake for days... ^_^

little monkey on the side..

Friday, March 25, 2011

Gold & Silver hantaran cake

1kg fondant cake. Gold & Silver theme. buttercake wt lemon buttercream layer.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

racing track 3D & figurine cake

3D No.7 racing theme cake for Imran.. ^_^ Imran is Zura's nephew. Zura nie my old schooldmate... lama x jumpa. tup tup jumpa kat FB.

Alhamdulillah x sangka cake design nie byk juga peminatnya.. there will be more request for this similar cake...

I add Transformers Prime on cupcake for Imran.. kira 1 special cupcake for birthday boy ^_^

Imran tersenyum manis ...

ha ha pisau nie canggih la.. cam pedang samurai ^_^
Imran & Zura..

Birthday boy dengan Prime figurine Imran & kakaknyaFamily Photo..

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dora & Boots Cake

Dora & Boots. I don't do cake on weekdays, but this is an exceptional.. special request from Erny (my Auntie) for her little Cheyna.. ^_^

I'm not really happy with Dora figurine :-( I had to change the head & hair 5x & eyes 8-10x!! hu hu difficult ..

8in round 2kg Choc moist wt choc butter cream cake

Boots the Monkey, whom Dora met one day in the forest, is her best friend. He is friendly and enthusiastic, and usually wears nothing but his beloved red boots, hence his name

2 best friend..
I like this signboard.. ^_^

Monday, March 14, 2011

3 tier wedding cupcake

Making cake figurine has been the greatest journey I've been thru this couple years. Without any formal training, I've self thought my self thru reading books, internet & try and error method & sharing knowledge (thanks to my dearest friend Syareeza) ... Alhamdulillah.

Not to say my figurines are perfect. I knw I need to improve in many ways. Insyallah I'm going to that direction..

I spend few nights doing this figurine. Lots of details to add & to make sure it can stand. On top of the chaotic of getting this done on time. I forgot/miss understood the customer request for a pink cake..gosh. I need to improve on that.

But Alhamdulillah...of all that, I'm very glad the cc & cake has safetly arrived at the event ^_^

3 tier cupcakes & cake. 1kg fondant cake with Bride & groom. 75 pcs medium size cupcakes.

email me for quote

beautiful pink & red roses
My 1st Bride & Groom figurine ^_^ Alhamdulillah

Power Puff Girls!!

Like I said earlier, this is a very exciting week for me, Power Puff Girls cake. It was Siti request to have the PPG having pillow fight on bed.... I was a bit worry at the begining... thingking how I'm going to make it... imagine pillow on the air... emm...

At the end this is wht I manage to do...does it look like they having pillow fight?

Need to learn more on how to make it better next time. Insyallah..

And today, I realize something missing while editing this photos!! aiya yaa.. I forgot to do Blossom red ribbon!! So sorry Nuha...